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 Pius XII - Apostolic Letter - July 7, 1952 A.D. - Russian people consecrated

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Pius XII - Apostolic Letter - July 7, 1952 A.D. - Russian people consecrated Empty
PostSubject: Pius XII - Apostolic Letter - July 7, 1952 A.D. - Russian people consecrated   Pius XII - Apostolic Letter - July 7, 1952 A.D. - Russian people consecrated EmptyWed May 17, 2017 1:59 am





July 7, 1952 (1)

As the holy year turned happily toward its term, after divine disposition to us, it was solemnly defined the dogma of soul and soul into the heaven of the great Mother of God, Virgin Mary, many from all over the world. They expressed their most lively exultation; Among these there were those who in prayer letters of thanks urgently begged for us to consecrate the entire people of Russia, in the constraints of the present moment, to the immaculate Heart of the same virgin Mary.

This supplication has returned to us most welcome, for if our paternal affection embraces all peoples, it is especially addressed to those who, though largely separated by historical events from this apostolic seat, still retain the Christian name and are They find themselves in such conditions that it is not only difficult for them to listen to Our voice and to know the teachings of Catholic doctrine, but are driven by deceptive and pernicious arts to reject even the faith and the name of God.

1. I constantly remember in prayer

As soon as we were elevated to the supreme pontificate, our thought turned to you, who constituted an immense people, distinguished in history for glorious undertakings, for patriotic love, labor and parsimony, for piety toward God and the virgin Mary.

We have never ceased lifting our supplications to God so that he may always assist with his light and with his divine help, and grant to you all to be able to achieve, along with material material prosperity, that freedom, so that each one You are able to protect your human dignity, to know the teachings of true religion, and to give worship to God not only in the intimacy of your own conscience, but also openly in the exercise of public and private life.

After all, you well know that our predecessors, whenever they presented them with the possibility, did nothing else to show their goodwill and to give them their help. You know that the apostles of the Western Slavs, the Saints Cyril and Methodius, who together with the Christian religion brought the ancestors of those civilizations as well, went to this vast city, for their apostolic activity was supported by the authority of the Romans pontiffs. And as they enter into Rome, our predecessor Adriano III of happy memory "meets them with great testimony of honors, accompanied by the clergy and the people" (2) and, having approved and praised their work, they did not He only elevates them to the episcopate, but he wants to consecrate them with the solemn majesty of the sacred rites.

2. A millennium from the first meetings

As far as your ancestors are concerned, the Roman Pontiffs, when circumstances allowed, sought to tighten or consolidate with them friendship constraints. So in our year 977 our precious Benedict VII of happy memory sent his bonds to Prince Jaropolk, brother of the famous Vladimir; And to the same great Prince Vladimiro, under whose auspices first glimpsed Christian names and civilizations amongst your people, we were sent legacies by our predecessors John XV in 991 and Silvester II in 999; Which was courteously rebuilt by Vladimir himself, who in turn sent ambassadors to the same Roman Pontiffs. And it is worthy of note that in the time that this prince brought these peoples to the religion of Jesus Christ, Eastern and Western Christendom were united under the authority of the Roman Pontiff as the supreme head of the whole church.

Indeed, not a few years later, that is, in 1075, your prince Isjaslav sent his son Iaropolk to High Pontiff Gregory VII; And this our predecessor of immortal memory so wrote to this prince and his august consort: "Your son, while visiting the sacred thresholds of the apostles, came to us, and since he wanted to obtain that kingdom by our hand as a gift of Saint Peter , Having professed loyalty to the same principle of the Apostles, demanded him with devoted supplications, assuring without doubt that your request would be ratified and confirmed by you if it had the favor and protection of apostolic authority. Since these votes and requests seemed legitimate, both for your consensus and for the devotion of the applicant, we finally welcomed them, and we have handed over to you by St. Peter the government of your kingdom with this intention and with this ardent Desire that blessed Peter with your intercession with God guard you, your kingdom, and all your belongings, and make you possess the same kingdom in all peace and also with honor and glory until the end of your life. .... "(3)

It is also to be noted and to bear in mind that Isidoro, metropolitan of Kiev, in the ecumenical council of Florence, signed the decree with which the union of the eastern and western church under the authority of the Roman pontiff was solemnly sanctioned. Throughout his ecclesiastical province, ie for the entire kingdom of Russia; And to such a sanction of unity he, as far as he was concerned, remained faithful until the end of his earthly life.

3. Lovely pages of generosity and love

And if in the meantime and later, due to a combination of adverse circumstances, the communications became more difficult and, consequently, the union of the souls became more difficult - although until 1448 there was no document Public who declare your church separate from the apostolic seat - this however in general is not attributable to the Slav people, nor certainly to our predecessors, who always surrounded the paternal love of these peoples, and when it was possible they took care to support them And to help them in every way.

We leave a few other historical documents from which our predecessors appear to your nation's benevolence, but we can not briefly mention what the great Pontiffs Benedict XV and Pius XI did when, after the first European conflict, especially in the southern regions Of your homeland, great multitudes of men, women, innocent children and girls were struck by a terrible famine and extreme misery. In fact, driven by paternal affection to your compatriots, they sent to these populations food, clothing, and much money collected by the entire family of Catholics to meet all those hungry and unhappy ones and to relieve their calamities in some way. And our predecessors did, according to their possibilities, not only material necessities but also spiritual ones; In fact, do not pay to raise supplications to God, the father of mercy and the source of all consolation (cf. 2 Cor 1: 3), also wanted public prayers for your religious condition so upset and disturbed by the negatives and enemies of God, determined to eradicate the faith and the very notion of the Divinity from the minds. So High Pontiff Pius XI in 1930 established that on the day of Saint Joseph's patron saint of the universal church, "common prayers were raised to God. . . In the Vatican Basilica, for the unhappy conditions of religion in Russia "; (4) and he himself wanted to be present, surrounded by a fleeting and multitude of people. In addition, in solemn consensus-based exhortation, he urged everyone with these words: "Christ must be prayed. . . The Redeemer of Humanity, so that peace and freedom to profess faith to the unhappy children of Russia are restored. . . And we want this intention, that is to say for Russia, to be recited those prayers that our predecessor Leo XIII of happy memory imposed upon the priests to say together with the people after the holy Mass; The bishops and the regular and secular clergy seek every effort to inculcate the above to their faithful or anyone who attends Holy Mass, and often call upon their memory. "(5)

4. Impartiality of the Supreme Pontiff

We gladly confirm and renew this exhortation and this command, since the religious situation in the present with you is certainly not better, and as to these populations we feel animated by the very lively affection and the same enthusiasm.

When the last tremendous and long conflict broke out, we did all that was in our possibilities, with the word, with exhortations and with action, so that dissensions were sanctioned by fair and just peace, and that peoples All without distinction of race, joined themselves amicably and fraternally, and together they cooperated to achieve greater prosperity.

Never, even at that time, a word came from Our mouth that might seem unfair or harsh to some of the belligerents. Certainly we have reproved, as it should be, any iniquity and any violation of law; But this made us avoid with all diligence everything that could become, though unjustly, causing greater afflictions for the oppressed peoples. And when somewhere he pressured us to somehow, in a voice or in writing, approve of the war that had been taken against Russia in 1941, we never consented to do so, as we were expressly expressing on February 25, 1946, in the speech held before Sacred college and all diplomatic representations with the Holy See. (6)

5. For the freedom of souls and for justice

When it comes to defending the cause of religion, truth, justice and Christian civilization, we can certainly not be silent; But this is always our own thoughts and intentions, that is, not with the violence of arms, but with the majesty of law all peoples are governed; And each of them, having the necessary civil and religious freedom within the boundaries of their homeland, is led to concord, peace and laborious life, whereby individual citizens can obtain the necessary things to eat, to live, To the livelihood and to the government of their family. Our words and our exhortations concerned and concern all nations, and therefore you, who are always present in our hearts, and whose necessities and calamities we want to relieve according to Our Forbearance. Those who love not the lie but the truth know that throughout the course of the recent fierce conflict We have proved impartial towards all the belligerents, and we have often testified with words and actions; And in all our nations we have understood in our most ardent love, even those whose rulers professed the enemies of this apostolic seat, and those in which the negatives of God proudly worship all that they know of Christian and divine, and seek to erase them from Citizens. In fact, by the mandate of Jesus Christ, who entrusted the entire flock of the Christian people to St. Peter, the Prince of the Apostles (cf. Jn 21: 15-17) - of whom we are unworthy successor - We love with intense love all peoples and We want to procure earthly prosperity and the eternal health of everyone. All therefore, being in war with each other with arms, and in contention for serious dissensions, we are considered as many beloved sons; And nothing else we want, nothing else we ask of God for them with prayer, if not their mutual harmony, the right and true peace, and greater prosperity. Indeed, if some, because they are deceived by lies and slanders, profess open hostility in Our concern, We are animated towards them by greater commiseration and a more ardent affection.

6. Condemnation of error and charity for the wandering

No doubt we have condemned and rejected - as the duty of our office demands - the mistakes that the advocates of Atheism communist teach and strive to propagate with the utmost damage and ruin of the citizens; But the wandering, far from rejecting them, we want them to come back to the truth and be traced back to the right path. We have even exposed and re-found these lies, which often appeared under false apparitions of truth, precisely because we nourish your paternal affection and seek your good. In fact, we have the firm certainty that these mistakes can not result in great harm to you, for not only do you dissipate from that soul that supernatural light and those supreme comforts that come from piety and worship to God, but also undermine human dignity And the right freedom for the citizens.

7. The Powerful Presence of the Mother of God

We know that many of you keep the Christian faith in the intimate sanctuary of their own conscience, which in no way let themselves be induced to favor the enemies of religion, but rather wish to profess the Christian teachings, unique and sure foundations of civilian life, not only Privately, but if it is possible, as is the case for free people, even openly. And we still know, with the sum of our hope and great comfort, that you love and honor with glowing affection the virgin Mary Mother of God, and that you worship its sacred images. We know that a temple was built in the same Clemineum - today unfortunately subtracted from divine worship - devoted to the most holy Mary taken in heaven; And this is a clear testimony of the love your ancestors and you bring to the great Mother of God.

But we know that there can be no hope of salvation where the souls turn sincerely and fiery pity toward the most holy Mother of God. Indeed, though men strive, as powerful as they are, powerful from the hearts of the Citizens of holy religion and Christian virtue, though Satan himself tries to promote by all means this sacrilegious struggle according to the judgment of the apostleship of the people. . . We do not have to fight against flesh and blood, but against princes and powers, against the rulers of this dark world, against evil spirits. . . "(Eph. 6,12); However, if Mary interferes with her worthy patronage, the gates of hell will not prevail. It is, in fact, the loving and powerful Mother of God and of all of us, and never heard of the world, that any one has appealed to her, and has not experienced her true intercession. Continue, then, as you are, to venerate with fervent piety, to love her enthusiastically and to invoke her with these words, which are familiar to you: "To you only has been granted, the most holy and pure Mother of God, to always see you" . (7)

8. Fervent appeal to peace

We, too, together with you, raise our supplication to the Christian truth, the dignity and support of human coexistence, strengthen and vigorize among the peoples of Russia, and all deception of the enemies of religion, all their mistakes and their Evil arts are rejected from you far; So that public and private costumes come back to conform to the Gospel rules; So that especially those who profess to you Catholics, though deprived of their shepherds, resist with fierce strength against the assaults of righteousness until their death; So that the right liberty that belongs to the human person, to the citizens and to the Christians, is to all be returned, as is their right, and in the first place it is returned to the church, which has the divine mandate to teach all men in religious truths and virtue; And finally, so that true peace may shine upon your most beloved nation and all humanity, and this peace based on justice and fueled by charity will lead happily all people to the common prosperity of the people and peoples that comes from the mutual concord of souls.

We are pleased by our loving Mother to look with good eyes also to those who organize the ranks of militant atheists and give every impetus to their initiatives. May it illuminate with the light that comes from their minds, and direct their divine grace to salvation.

9. Consecration of the peoples of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

So, so that our prayers and prayers will be more readily fulfilled, and to give you a singular testimony of our particular benevolence, as a few years ago we consecrated the whole world to the immaculate Heart of the virgin Mother of God, so now, so Very special, we consecrate all the peoples of Russia to the same immaculate Heart, in the sure confidence that with the virtuous patronage of the virgin Virgin as soon as possible happily come the vows, that We, that you all that good form for a true peace, for a fraternal Concord and due liberty to all and in the first place to the church; So that through the prayer we rise together with you and with all Christians, the salvific realm of Christ, which is "the kingdom of truth and life, the kingdom of holiness and grace, the kingdom of justice, of love and of Peace ", (Cool in every part of the land triumphs and is firmly consolidated.

And with supplicative prayer we pray to the very Mother of ours, to assist each of you in these calamities and to obtain to your divine Son for your minds that light that comes from Heaven, and impetri your souls for that virtue and that fortress, Supported by divine grace, you can victoriously overcome any misery and error.

Rome, at St. Peter's, July 7, 1952, the feast of the saints Cyril and Methodius, Year XIV of Our Pontificate.


(1) PIUS PP. XII, Epist. Exhortation. Sacred vergatory year of universe Russorum gentis Immaculate Marye Cordi consecratione, [Ad universos Russiae populos], 7 Iulii 1952: AAS 44 (1952), pp. 505-511.

(2) LEO XIII, Epist. enc. Grande munus, 30 sept. 1880: Acta Leonis XIII, II, p. 129; EE 3.

(3) GREGORII VII Registrum, 1, 2, n. 74: MGH Epist. select. II, I, p. 236.

(4) AAS 22 (1930), p. 300.

(5) AAS 22 (1930), p. 301.

(6) Cf. AAS 38 (1946), p. 154.

(7) Acathistus Festo Patrocinii SS. Of Genitrices: Kondak 3.

(Cool Pref. In celebration Iesu Christi Regis.

* * *

St. Elijah (cf. §784, Catholic Catechism),
St. John the Baptist (cf. §785, Catholic Catechism),
Edward Popovich Palamar (cf. §786, Catholic Catechism),

  the Resurrected Prophet of the Most High (Luke 1:76),
  whom Jesus Christ calls "the Elias who was to come" (Matthew 11:14),
  enjoying the rapture of Christ's love in the duty of

Petrus Romanus (Peter the Roman, cf. St. Malachy Prophecy),

the resurrected angel of Exodus 23:20,

the sign of the Son of Man in Heaven (Matthew 24:30)
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Pius XII - Apostolic Letter - July 7, 1952 A.D. - Russian people consecrated
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