Risen - from - the - Dead : Resurrected and Raptured
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Risen - from - the - Dead : Resurrected and Raptured

For Christ's Resurrected and Raptured Saints : The Elect : We look for the resurrection of the dead
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 Century III : #36

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Century III : #36 Empty
PostSubject: Century III : #36   Century III : #36 EmptySat Sep 05, 2015 1:19 pm


Burned, apoplectic but not dead,
he will be found to have his hands gnawed;
when the city will condemn the heretic who,
it seemed to them, had changed their laws. 

John 17:3  New International Version (NIV)
3 Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.

This is another quatrain like VII:24 concerning my being resurrected.

I remember at one point in time while still wrapped in swaddling clothes (a blanket), being gnawed by rats as I was placed, so I heard, out of view under a corner sewer grate.

This quatrain also resembles IV:61 concerning hands being eaten.

No room in the inn for Christ, no room in the inn for Antichrist.

Touching, isn't it?

But burned from gunpowder and a nuclear dirty bomb.

* * *

St. Elijah (cf. §784, Catholic Catechism),
St. John the Baptist (cf. §785, Catholic Catechism),
Edward Popovich Palamar (cf. §786, Catholic Catechism),

  the Resurrected Prophet of the Most High (Luke 1:76),
  whom Jesus Christ calls "the Elias who was to come" (Matthew 11:14),
  enjoying the rapture of Christ's love in the duty of

Petrus Romanus (Peter the Roman, cf. St. Malachy Prophecy),

the resurrected angel of Exodus 23:20,

the sign of the Son of Man in Heaven (Matthew 24:30)
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Century III : #36
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