Risen - from - the - Dead : Resurrected and Raptured
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Risen - from - the - Dead : Resurrected and Raptured

For Christ's Resurrected and Raptured Saints : The Elect : We look for the resurrection of the dead
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June 2021

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 Century I : #58

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Century I : #58 Empty
PostSubject: Century I : #58   Century I : #58 EmptySat Sep 05, 2015 3:17 am

I : #58

Through a slit in the belly a creature born with 2 heads,
and four arms: it will survive for some few years:
The day that Alquiloie celebrates his festivals
Fossana, Turin and the ruler of Ferrara will follow.

As I am now, in the flesh, I am half of that creature (or was, to use the past tense).  The other half is the resurrected Judas Iscariot, called by some, 'Gregory Demeter'.  We were diametrically opposed twins.  Just as the early days of monasticism had a special monastery for those who committed infractions, where one would not be able to receive the Blessed Sacrament for a period of seven years, so was Judas Iscariot a part of my life, from the first week of term in a third womb in pregnancy after Jesus Christ raised me through my third set of parents, until I received the Blessed Sacrament for the first time from the Pontiff who is called "Gloria Olivae" in the St. Malachy Prophecy of Vicars.  That total length of time was about ten years, and manifestations of Judas Iscariot's attachment to my frame varied.  But since the time of separation, which was painless,  I have never experienced that same burden of his company as an attached twin, which is further evidence of Christ's words, "My burden is easy and my yoke is light."

The actual "slit in the belly" was caused by two rounds from a .22 caliber revolver.  On the evening of October 1, 1955 A.D., brother John, Jr. was directly told by his mother, "Johnny, give me the gun."  But younger John had other plans, basically to carouse with, who is described in another quatrain as the 'whore delivered in the field'.  When mom stayed home from church to watch over her son John, Jr., who complained of being ill (which was actually a ruse to meet with the whore), young Johnny, Jr.'s plans where devastated.  The whore said at that time "Give him something to keep him quiet."  Then occurred that "sudden negligence" (of another quatrain) which terrorized my pregnant (with me) mother and me.  Two rounds in fairly quick succession into the abdomen. Then mom managed to say, "Why did you shoot your mother?  Come 'ere ya."  She then began to sob.  I remember a gushing sound soon after this when John, Jr.'s seed entered into our mom due to John, Jr.'s act of incest/rape after having shot his own mother.  If this seems "vile" to you, keep in mind that John, Jr. is the same king of Daniel 11:20, who in only the Wycliffe and Douay-Rheims versions of the Holy Bible is described as being vile. I know at least one evening when he committed this vile deed, herein described (reported).  On the way out of the house that evening he emptied the remaining four bullets in the revolver into the rest of his family coming home from church (then stole the family car). I heard my dad yell, "Son, you've ruined me!"  Whether this means John, Jr. shot his other two brothers or John, Sr. directly, I am not sure.  John, Jr.'s efforts are to make money off this crime as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania robs me via the unresolved terroristic attack on my person on May 1, 2014 A.D. at Chester County Prison.

When I received Holy Communion from "Gloria Olivae", as regards the St. Malachy prophecy, for the first time (ca. 1965 A.D.), 'Greg' and I were separated, miraculously.


A recent update : according to Chester County Prison officials, Samuel Downs, an inmate in M-23, took his own life on June 9, 2014 A.D..

Greg and me were cellmates in that cell ca. 1988 A.D.

* * *

St. Elijah (cf. §784, Catholic Catechism),
St. John the Baptist (cf. §785, Catholic Catechism),
Edward Popovich Palamar (cf. §786, Catholic Catechism),

  the Resurrected Prophet of the Most High (Luke 1:76),
  whom Jesus Christ calls "the Elias who was to come" (Matthew 11:14),
  enjoying the rapture of Christ's love in the duty of

Petrus Romanus (Peter the Roman, cf. St. Malachy Prophecy),

the resurrected angel of Exodus 23:20,

the sign of the Son of Man in Heaven (Matthew 24:30)
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Century I : #58
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