Risen - from - the - Dead : Resurrected and Raptured
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Risen - from - the - Dead : Resurrected and Raptured

For Christ's Resurrected and Raptured Saints : The Elect : We look for the resurrection of the dead
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 Century IX : #8

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Century IX : #8 Empty
PostSubject: Century IX : #8   Century IX : #8 EmptySat Sep 05, 2015 6:00 pm

The younger king in the first line of this quatrain is John, Jr., who murdered his sire, John, Sr., supported by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's robbing me.  From my standpoint, it took John, Jr. over forty-three years to accomplish this, though when I was resurrected in the flesh on the morning of June 25, 1956, John, Jr. was almost fourteen years my senior.  So I can honestly say that the dishonest deed took anywhere from forty-three to fifty-eight years.
John, Sr. died in the local hospital on March 30, 2000 A.D., a victim of a cruel and painful death. (He who was not afraid to die, died clothed in the Brown Scapular - he was released from purgatory on the following Saturday)

I had often thought that this quatrain was in reference to myself.  But on April 11, 2011 A.D., I had occasion to experience just how tyrannical John, Jr. is.
His subsequent actions and writings, inclusive to e-mails that I have not yet read, as he makes Osama bin Laden (as reported) seem like a puppy dog, confirm his determination as being very dishonest, as well as the treason of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania through its own writings.  Even many an interpretation of this quatrain is misleading.  On March 2nd, 2012 A.D., I finally managed to see remorse in my brother's eyes.  Praise be to you, Lord Jesus!

In Daniel 11:19 we read of this foretold death in the words, "he shall stumble and fall, and shall not be found."

younger king made ​​his father put to death
post-conflict dishonest death very
writing found, suspicion will take up remorse
When the wolf driven out berth.

puiné roi fait son père mettra à mort
après conflit de mort très inhonneste
ecrit trouvé, soupcon donra remords,
quand loup chassé pose sur la couchette.

* * *

St. Elijah (cf. §784, Catholic Catechism),
St. John the Baptist (cf. §785, Catholic Catechism),
Edward Popovich Palamar (cf. §786, Catholic Catechism),

  the Resurrected Prophet of the Most High (Luke 1:76),
  whom Jesus Christ calls "the Elias who was to come" (Matthew 11:14),
  enjoying the rapture of Christ's love in the duty of

Petrus Romanus (Peter the Roman, cf. St. Malachy Prophecy),

the resurrected angel of Exodus 23:20,

the sign of the Son of Man in Heaven (Matthew 24:30)
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Century IX : #8
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