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 O Jesus, King of All Nations, May Your Reign Be Recognized On Earth! - powers moved

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PostSubject: O Jesus, King of All Nations, May Your Reign Be Recognized On Earth! - powers moved   Sun Feb 26, 2017 8:42 am

The world is never going to end.

The determination of Ascension Sunday, May 8, 2016 A.D. as the 1,335th day of Daniel 12:12 was from a key prophecy which opened and unsealed what was closed and sealed.

This included two possibilities for the Three Days of Darkness, the last three days of that Liturgical Year's Holy Week (Holy and Maundy Thursday, Great and Holy Friday, and Holy Saturday); and May 5-7, 2016 A.D.

As the Liturgical Year came to a close, so did the last three days of that reckoning become a possibility.

But through all those calculations, the simultaneous beginning of the 2,300 day period (of Daniel 8:14) with the 1,290 and 1,335 day periods (Daniel 12:11 & 12, respectively) was omitted.

This was basically to put to test the words of blessing foretold in Daniel 12:12.

Approaching the Day of the Lord has not been an easy matter for me, but I needed to be certain of the proper placement of the 2,300th day.

There is no reason at this point that the three periods foretold, that is, 2,300, 1,290, and 1,335 did not begin simultaneously.

This puts the Three Days of Darkness at December 27-29, 2018 A.D., with December 29, 2018 A.D. being the 2,300th day.

I have used the internet as a whole as a think pad for this determination, my main index homepage serving as the final output (which receives regular updates).

In order to keep this on the side of justice, it was necessary to indicate a final Day of Indiction, September 1, 2015 A.D., the beginning of the Liturgical Year which contains the foretold blessing of Daniel 12:12; before that full week (7 day period) was complete, on the 7th day, September 7, 2015 A.D., actually, Satan struck me in due course of attacking the Divine Word.

Determining a final Day of Indiction more than apparently precluded Satan's final efforts of assault.


see also http://risen-from-the-dead.forumotion.com/t99-century-iv-10

* * *

St. Elijah (cf. §784, Catholic Catechism),
St. John the Baptist (cf. §785, Catholic Catechism),
Edward Palamar Popovich (cf. §786, Catholic Catechism),

  the Resurrected Prophet of the Most High (Luke 1:76),
  whom Jesus Christ calls "the Elias who was to come" (Matthew 11:14),
  enjoying the rapture of Christ's love in the duty of

Petrus Romanus (Peter the Roman, cf. St. Malachy Prophecy),

the Sign of the Son of Man in Heaven (Matthew 24:30)
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O Jesus, King of All Nations, May Your Reign Be Recognized On Earth! - powers moved
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